Fraud, Ethics, Anti Money Laundering Combo

15 Credit NYS Self-Study

Fraud, Ethics, Anti Money Laundering Combo

15 credit NYS self-study insurance CE bridge course. (BR, C3, LB, C1, LSB, LA, PC, TLA, ADJP license classes)

Course can be submitted for Non-Approved CFP credits.

e-book & study guide(.pdf)

Online 50 question multiple choice exam with instant grading and immediate re-takes.

Proctoring with an Approved NYS Monitor included.

Materials emailed after purchase. Credit reported to NYS within 24 hours.

Synopsis: This 3 part course focuses on the main elements of Fraud, Principles of Ethics and Anti-Money Laundering issues.

  • Part 1 - Fraud investigation strategies, key terms, fraud schemes and emerging issues related to insurance fraud.
  • Part 2 - Potential ethical situations and decisions insurance professionals face when processing claims, engaging in sales or meeting with clients.
  • Part 3 - Anti-money laundering issues to familiarize insurance professionals with the laws, regulations and criminal business that make this practice a crime

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